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Tribuman (live) @ Glashaus (Bayreuth)

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7. Dezember 2013

Ladies & Gentleman,

einer der wohl umtriebigsten Jazz-/Reggae Künstler Frankreichs beehrt am 07.12. unser beschauliches Bayreuth: TRIBUMAN!

Soundshow (backed by Soundselectors)

BIO (Tribuman):

Based in Strasbourg (France) and born in a musical family, Tribuman started quite young playing in the midle of the 80s, first trumpet, before aiming to develop a personal ragga voicing style en 90s.

Alongside with Djs, sound systems or reggae, funk, jazz, electro bands, he forges a strong scenic and studio experience. As an example these 8 last years, Tribuman played some 500 gigs thru 9 countries, opening the stage for artists such as Gentleman, Lee Perry, Israel Vibrations, Seeed, Junior Kelly, Jamaica All Stars, Foreign Beggars, Dub Incorporation, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Kanka, Admiral T, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Vibronics, Iration Steppas, Ska P, Luciano, Lutan Fyah, La Phaze, Sergent Garcia, Million Stylez…

In 2008, he colaborates with nederlander label „Not Easy At All productions“ and records trumpet for the albums of pple Gabriel (funder of Israel Vibration), Brinsley Forde (Aswad singer), Earl 16, Junior Murvin and Vernon Maytone. He released in 2010 an LP mixing jazz and ragga with the band „Jazzomatix“, with guests as Lyricson, Merlot (Manu from the band Baobab), MC Jamalski andt DJ Nelson (DMC World Supremacy 2011 scratch contest winner).

Getting a lot of requests as a trumpetist, he records for more and more projects (Eternal Riddim with Tippa Irie and Lyricson, Red Eyes Band album with Takana Zion and Solo Banton, Enneri Blaka with Dr Ring Ding, Volfoniq, Bazbat, Melissmell, Skannibal Schmitt, etc…).

As a singer, he makes lots of crossovers with Jamalski, Solo Banton, Deadly Hunta, AMO, Lord Bitum, Lyricson, Pannonia All Stars Ska Orchestra, Mikkim, Manu from Baobab, Folkfree, jamaican singers Oba Simba and Wild Life…

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